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Who Are We?

Quanita is a name well-known in the field of construction and real-estate. We have been associated with splendid projects from over a span of two and half decades in Karachi. 

Our projects are a glimpse of our principles of integrity, luxury, and affordability. Over the time, we have been part of the change in the industry and have kept ourselves abreast with the advancements. We are one of the proud pioneers of luxurious construction and affordable real-estate.

Luxury Hub Of The Future

We at Quanita strive for excellence in construction and real estate. Our current and future projects are aligned with the latest advancements in the field. 

The main aim of our operations is to give Karachi an unmatched residential and commercial experience. We hear directly from the residents of the city and are the flag-bearers of the needed revolution in real-estate. 

our project

Quanita Residencia

The tallest building in Gulshan-e-Maymar, is packed with every modern-day facility. Our 2 and 3 bedroom apartments ooze elegance and luxury. With its own power generation system and reliable lifts, the building is an ideal venture for investors and aspiring homeowners. 

Plans to Start

Pricing plans.



/ total cost

Booking – 700,000

Confirmation – 700,000

Allocation – 700,000

Start of Work – 700,000

Monthly Installment (36 x 60,000) – 2,160,000

Quarterly Installment (12 x 100,000) – 1,200,000

Slab Casting (15 x 100,000) – 1,500,000

On Block Masonry – 300,000

On Plaster – 300,000

On Flooring – 300,000

On Paint – 300,000

On Finishing – 300,000

Cash Payable – 9,160,000

Expected Loan – 4,300, 000



/ total cost

Booking – 1,000,000

Confirmation – 1,000,000

Allocation – 1,000,000

Start of Work – 1,000,000

Monthly Installment (36 x 100,000) – 3,600,000

Quarterly Installment (12 x 110,000) – 1,320,000

Slab Casting (15 x 110,000) – 1,650,000

On Block Masonry – 300,000

On Plaster – 300,000

On Flooring – 300,000

On Paint – 300,000

On Finishing – 300,000

Cash Payable – 12,070,000

Expected Loan – 5,770, 000

We Build Exactly What You Want

Customized payment plans, luxurious apartments and lucrative business opportunities: just a glimpse of what Quanita has in keeps for you. 

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